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25 August 2010 @ 07:54 pm
Just a quick note that I am going to visit a friend and will be gone until next weekend, i'm leaving friday. Thats right, a full week without LJ :D lets hope i don't go into withdrawl :) So everyone have a great week, dry not to have to much fun without me.

* Also i have changed my layout :D Yellow still - because no matter if the weather decides rain is its default setting, technically it's still summer :) layout by velvetb0x

* Because it seems that summer is the time of the re-watches (and trying a couple of new shows). Along with Merlin I'm re watching Vampire Diaries - im still not sure weather im Stefan/Elena or Damon/Elena - though i will listen to your arguments, for and against ;p . I'm also trying burn notice (so-so at the moment) and pretty little liars ( i think is going to become a guilty little pleasure).

* I have a provisional timetable for my final year at university :( Yay that i'm going back, because i love being there and all, but the work is terrifying me. But it will be all worth it :D

See you all in a week x
23 August 2010 @ 04:50 pm
Icons Lie To Me & Cast

Does include icons *considered spoilery* from Fox's ABC promo - VaVaVoom anyone :)

Teasers (non spoilery) : Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Icons UnderneathCollapse )

Snag none, any and all :) You can add your own textures/text or ask me to do so
Comments make my world go round
Credit is very much liked
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Made for stargateland
Challenge #16 Alpha & Omega

(done with just a few hours to spare :)

Picspam 'the end of season one' Stargate UniverseCollapse )
01 August 2010 @ 11:32 pm

* I feel sort of bored, yet not at the same time :S
and that feeling is now going? this is becoming very confusing
* Slightly giddy, for no reason it seems
* Hugs you all to pieces

[ stop by and say hello if you're reading this - you know you want to ]
Title: She doesn't believe in 'It will be okay'
Fandom Stargate Universe
Characters Chloe
Rating G
Word Count 131
Summary Chloe Armstrong had problems sleeping after being kidnapped by the Blue Aliens.
Notes written for stargateland challenge, prompt - pain. Wonderfully beta'd by the fantastic rosemaryinwheat


She doesn't believe in 'It will be okay'Collapse )

Title: The Humming and The Singing
Fandom Stagate Universe
Characters Chloe (POV), Young, Rush, Camile, T.J, Eli, Becker, Greer
Rating G
Word Count 210
Summary Chloe wanders the ship and hears her new family.
Notes written for stargateland challenge, prompt - family. Wonderfully beta'd by the fantastic rosemaryinwheat

The Humming and The SingingCollapse )
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