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26 September 2010 @ 04:33 pm
drive by post !  
i have just moved into my university house :) so this weekend has been a blur of packing and driving and i've not yet unpacked :( There was a little break in between while we went to the pub for a drink :) Now going into rooms, music & tv on in several - i've got on Supernatural Season 5 - so i'm catching up as my brother has told me that the new season looks good :D

So i hope to catch up with you all some point this week - hopefully wont be too long and its a lite week lecture wise :)

Here comes the final year of my degree.

*waves* to my new friends :D and of course all of you i've know for a while now :D

Talk soon xx Elle (no im not procrastinating at all by posting this and not unpacking)