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Guys, i'm so sorry i haven't been around but RL is really busy - it seems if you want to finish your degree you've got to do some serious work :) Anyways, your all brilliant - and i will be back around December xx try not to hate me :D

Talk soon xx Elle

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drive by post !

i have just moved into my university house :) so this weekend has been a blur of packing and driving and i've not yet unpacked :( There was a little break in between while we went to the pub for a drink :) Now going into rooms, music & tv on in several - i've got on Supernatural Season 5 - so i'm catching up as my brother has told me that the new season looks good :D

So i hope to catch up with you all some point this week - hopefully wont be too long and its a lite week lecture wise :)

Here comes the final year of my degree.

*waves* to my new friends :D and of course all of you i've know for a while now :D

Talk soon xx Elle (no im not procrastinating at all by posting this and not unpacking)
Fringe - jaskia nicole

Meme & Fandom Squee

Okay this is my minor little rant - I miss my BestFriend! i haven't seen her in a month, and when we try to meet up we one of us is busy - its now annoying me! (i needed to write that down and get it out)

And while writing this, and playing around in comms & reading everyones updates - i have sad news. One of my long term LJ friends is leaving us - she has her reasons and i respect that, but it does not mean i'm not going to stalk her on dreamwidth :P
Some on you on my lovely flist i've know for a long time, some of you more recently - but i love my friends, you all make me smile and i'm happy i've know you, no matter how long it has been.

Also i should read important information that my unversity send me more closely - Registration and start of the first semsester of my final year! starts a week later than i though it did :) Im quite happy for this, i can see my everyone i want to see again before i go - but i still feel really silly :)

Meme - from the lovely linguology - and i did it and it made me happy :)

Reply to this with "Fandom is like a box of chocolates" and I'll reply with...

1. Something I'll learn about you by looking at your LJ page for 13 seconds.
2. Which color you remind me of.
3. My first memory of you.
4. What TV character you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you, and your answer has to be as vague as possible to keep the suspense.
6. My favorite thing about you.
7. Give you a weird nickname.
8. What's the last song I've listened to.
9. Challenge you to post this on your journal.

And other Fandom squee :D, since it is the beginning of new series. Collapse )
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Hey everybody :D I'm back, i am a little busy at the moment so will catch up with you all as soon as I can

Elle x
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Quick Note - See you in a week :)

Just a quick note that I am going to visit a friend and will be gone until next weekend, i'm leaving friday. Thats right, a full week without LJ :D lets hope i don't go into withdrawl :) So everyone have a great week, dry not to have to much fun without me.

* Also i have changed my layout :D Yellow still - because no matter if the weather decides rain is its default setting, technically it's still summer :) layout by velvetb0x

* Because it seems that summer is the time of the re-watches (and trying a couple of new shows). Along with Merlin I'm re watching Vampire Diaries - im still not sure weather im Stefan/Elena or Damon/Elena - though i will listen to your arguments, for and against ;p . I'm also trying burn notice (so-so at the moment) and pretty little liars ( i think is going to become a guilty little pleasure).

* I have a provisional timetable for my final year at university :( Yay that i'm going back, because i love being there and all, but the work is terrifying me. But it will be all worth it :D

See you all in a week x
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* I feel sort of bored, yet not at the same time :S
and that feeling is now going? this is becoming very confusing
* Slightly giddy, for no reason it seems
* Hugs you all to pieces

[ stop by and say hello if you're reading this - you know you want to ]
Fringe - jaskia nicole

Fanfic : Stargate Universe : Chloe Armstrong

Title: She doesn't believe in 'It will be okay'
Fandom Stargate Universe
Characters Chloe
Rating G
Word Count 131
Summary Chloe Armstrong had problems sleeping after being kidnapped by the Blue Aliens.
Notes written for stargateland challenge, prompt - pain. Wonderfully beta'd by the fantastic rosemaryinwheat


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Title: The Humming and The Singing
Fandom Stagate Universe
Characters Chloe (POV), Young, Rush, Camile, T.J, Eli, Becker, Greer
Rating G
Word Count 210
Summary Chloe wanders the ship and hears her new family.
Notes written for stargateland challenge, prompt - family. Wonderfully beta'd by the fantastic rosemaryinwheat

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